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Art Installations

I create bespoke installations, using individually painted wooden blocks, that align with the ethos and environment of interested companies, catering to their specific preferences and requirements.

Royal Marines

This installation is a portrayal of the core values and spirit of the Royal Marines, meticulously depicted through 112 individually hand-painted wooden blocks, incorporating the iconic Corps flag colours and associated imagery. This art work will be auctioned later this year in celebration of the 360th anniversary of the Royal Marines.

All proceeds will go to the Royal Marines Charity.

For further details please contact Rae:

Rae Melody_Marine Artwork-1.jpeg
Example of bespoke art installations

I'm currently creating a small painting each day as part of

'The 100 Day Project.' At the end of the 100 days all 100 paintings will be for sale either indiviually or as a unique art installation of 100 paintings. If you are interested in buying all 100 paintings please get in touch at:

To see the paintings in progress follow me on Instagram 

What would your art installation say about your company?

Whether it's highlighting the uniqueness of of your brand, your story, your staff, your ethos, your core values or your products I can work with you to create an art installation that stands out and is a talking point in your environment.


Just get in touch with Rae to discuss further:

07710 499323

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