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About Rae Melody

Rae Melody, born in 1972 in Dewsbury, UK and currently based in Chippenham, is a contemporary painter who studied surface pattern design and printing at Leeds. With a background as a former art teacher, Melody is passionate about using art as a means of improving mental health. In her current role as a Freelance Facilitator at a Bristol art gallery, she actively encourages self-expression through play and experimental work, particularly in the workshops she conducts for young people who are educated in specialised provisions. This commitment reflects her belief in the transformative power of art and its ability to foster personal well-being.

Melody's artistic journey is marked by a thoughtful exploration of the past, present, and future. Her diverse portfolio includes abstract, weathered paintings and vibrant typography with geometrically entwined shapes. However, it is her signature distressed and layered abstract paintings that stand out, embodying her unwavering fascination with time and space.In her mixed-media creations, Melody skilfully combines acrylic, collage, and spray paint, infusing her works with texture and visual dynamism. This fusion of mediums adds depth and complexity, inviting viewers to delve into the layers of meaning embedded in each piece. A notable aspect of her artistic process involves the use of photography as a tool to document and chronicle what intrigues her. Through her lens, Melody creates a visual diary that informs and inspires her painting practice, further enriching the narrative of her work.

Rae Melody's artistic journey has stretched beyond the studio, with opportunities to showcase her work in esteemed exhibitions like the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) in Bristol and the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath. Her work has found a place in the Permanent Collection at Chippenham Museum and has been embraced by private collectors both nationally and internationally. Melody has also had the privilege of exhibiting her work at well-regarded events, including the Superfine Art Fair in New York and the Art2Life International Exhibition, contributing to her growing international presence. Through her role as a Freelance Facilitator and her commitment to education, Melody continues to inspire and nurture artistic talent in the next generation while promoting the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression.



Friends of the RWA, Bristol



Also Artists, RWA, Bristol 

Spotlight 3 (Permanent Collection) Chippenham Museum

DARK, Forbidden Carnival, Chippenham 

Superfine Art Fair, New York 

RWA 170 Annual Open Exhibition, Bristol 

Head Above the Clouds Exhibition, Swindon 

Hail the Curious, Forbidden Carnival, Chippenham 

Bath Society of Artists Annual Open Exhibition, Bath 


Pound Arts Annual Open Exhibition, Corsham 

CDA Annual Exhibition, Chippenham 

Out Loud Exhibition, Trowbridge 

RWA 169 Annual Open Exhibition, Bristol 

Swindon Paint Fest, Swindon

Wiltshire Creative Summer Open Exhibition, Salisbury

Co-founder & organiser of Chippenham Art Trail

Art Heist, Yelde Hall Chippenham

What Lies Beyond, Bocabar Bristol 

Bath Society of Artists Annual Open Exhibition, Bath 


Pound Arts Annual Open Exhibition, Corsham 

Art2Life International Juried Exhibition, online

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