Resilience Original Painting

Resilience Original Painting


102 x 102 x 3.8 cm

(40 x 40 inches)

Acrylic, gold leaf paint, resin, resin inks and varnish on high quality canvas.

Original painting.


I've often pondered on the thought that size is only relative if something is compared to something else. I see an image of a virus or a cell and it could, in fact be, a planet. I painted this picture with the Earth in mind, depicting the chaos of the Covid pandemic. The movement within it makes me think of viruses, silently growing.


Resilience is part of the Chaos and Order series of work which is my response to how I see the environment and planet Earth during the Covid pandemic. 







    As well as providing a shiny surface which enhances colours, this painting is coated with resin to protect from UV, dust and pollutant damage.