Love Multiplied Original Painting

Love Multiplied Original Painting


122 x 91.5 x 3.8 cm

(48 x 36 x 1.5 inches)

Acrylic, spray paint, screen printing inks, gloss paint, glitter, sequins and resin on high quality canvas.

Original painting.


Lovingly hand painted, colourful, multi-layered artwork with 'equal' symbols in the background which are overlaid with rainbow/Pride colours. Circles and lovehearts are applied using either screen printing or spray painted. Each loveheart is unique, as we all are, filled with rainbow dots or decorated with glitter to add a little sparkle to life. This painting promotes happiness and the joy of loving someone, the feeling you get when you're bursting with love. Coated with resin, this painting has a beautiful shiny surface to protect it but also to make it shine and stand-out in any setting. 






    As well as providing a shiny surface which enhances colours, this painting is coated with resin to protect from UV, dust and pollutant damage.