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Geodynamic Original Painting

Geodynamic Original Painting


122 x 91.5 x 3.8cm

(48 x 36 x 1.5”)

Acrylic, gold leaf paint, resin and varnish on high quality canvas.


Geodynamic is part of the Chaos and Order series of work. 


The Earth is fragile but has a strong core- nature is fighting back and is abundant in our surroundings. This inner strength also relates to the inner self and inner knowing of humans and how we connect in times of crisis.


This painting is built-up by layering acrylic paint. The central image is created using dots and circles painted using gold leaf paint. It is coated in resin whilst the outer part is coated with two layers of varnish.


For further details please watch the video.


    This painting is coated with resin and varnish (in different parts) to protect from UV fading, dust and pollutant damage as well as enhancing the colours.

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