Equilibrium Original Painting

Equilibrium Original Painting


61 x 61 x 3.5 cm

Acrylic, gold leaf paint, resin and matt varnish on high quality canvas.


I have a fascination with patterns in the Universe that we see repeated on different scales, such as cells under a microscope looking like planets. I love to create textured surfaces with interesting colours.


Equilibrium is part of the Chaos and Order series of work which is my response to how I see the environment and planet Earth during the Covid pandemic.


Equilibrium is built-up by layering acrylic paint. The central image is coated in resin whilst the outer part is coated with two layers of varnish.




    This painting is coated with resin and varnish (in different parts) to protect from UV fading, dust and pollutant damage as well as enhancing the colours.