Emotions Run Deep

Emotions Run Deep


61 x 61 x 3.8 cm

(24 x 24 x 1.5 inches)

Acrylic, gold leaf paint and resin on high quality canvas.

Original painting.


From the 'Energy' series, Emotions Run Deep makes me think of our connection with water and the energy that it has. It can be calming, powerful, even destructive - just like our emotions. This painting has a calmness to it but is complex, like emotional connections can be.

The stream of gold represents a strong emotional bond between two people. 




    This painting is coated with resin to protect from UV fading, dust and pollutant damage as well as enhancing the colours.

    Whilst resin gives a clear, shiny finish it isn't always perfect and there may be areas on the painting where the resin hasn't evenly set.  

    Painting with fluid acrylics can be rather messy; the back of the canvas often shows this. Whilst it may not be perfectly neat and tidy it shows the authenticity of the process.