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Close the Shutters II Original Painting

Close the Shutters II Original Painting


76 x 76 x 3.8 cm

(30 x 30 x 1.5 inches)

Acrylic and varnish on high quality canvas.

Original painting.


Inspired by the doors of Cartagena, this abstract painting has been created by using numerous layers of acrylic paint that have been worked into. I find beauty in the worn and textured surface of weathered paint and aim to capture the feel of this through particular attention to mixing colours, layering and stripping back until the end results mirror what I have seen and felt. The shutters on homes in Colombia were as inspiring as the doors for me. The fact that something so functional can look so beautiful when lovingly painted with adorable colours is fascinating.




    This painting is coated with varnish to protect from UV fading, dust and pollutant damage as well as enhancing the colours.

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